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Astbury Garage can supply and fit batteries for any make and model of vehicle.

At Astbury garage we do every test we can to make sure you truly need a new battery, we don't want you paying over the odds for something that potential won't fix the problems.

With batteries there could be a wide variety of secondary problems that could lead you to think it is the battery, we'll check charging systems and other electrically related common problems to ensure you get the right service. 

All the work we carry out is quality assured and guaranteed, call us on 01260 273341 to talk to our team and we can sort out an appointment or advise with the next step to take on getting your car back to full working order.

Battery Maintenance

Most modern cars have built in charging systems to keep the battery in full working order, although we recommend a good long drive every so often to keep the battery life in optimal shape. We all have busy lives now-a-days but taking a few seconds at the end of every jounrey to ensure the radio, internal and external lights are all switched off when leaving the vehicle. A regular service can avoid inconvenient breakdowns and lets face it, they all happen when we are in a rush so keep on top of your battery with a service check from Astbury Garage.