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Exhaust repair and replacement

Here at Astbury Garage we offer a full inspection of your exhaust and offer high quality exhaust repairs. We also supply and fit new exhaust systems to any make and model of cars in our workshop. All exhaust work is guaranteed and quality assured.

It is important to monitor the condition of your exhaust to ensure optimum performance and safety of your vehicle. If your exhaust has a problem then it’s not always the case that you will need a new exhaust system - At Astbury Garage we can make repairs or replace individual exhaust parts.

Usually, a rattling or deep roaring sound from the bottom of your vehicle will indicate an exhaust in need of repair or replacement - call in for professional advice from the experts.

Exhaust emissions.
Most cars now have built in sensors to detect problems with the fuel to air ratio and the running of catalytic converters. These systems are designed to run your engine as efficiently and effectively as possible. If you engine management reports a fault on your dashboard - please call and see us - we are here to help.