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M.O.T. Test

From our MOT testing station in Astbury, Congleton, Astbury Garage provide Class IV MOT tests for all passenger cars and light commercial vehicles.

Our Astbury workshop is fully licensed, and approved by the government appointed Vehicle Operator Service Agency (VOSA). All of our fully trained MOT testers have been nominated by VOSA.

Your vehicle must have an MOT check completed every 12 months; otherwise it is not legal to drive your vehicle on the roads. The DVSA system now allows vehicle’s MOT status to be monitored by police or mobile cameras, so it’s important to ensure you have a valid MOT certificate.
We offer a free MOT reminder service with every MOT check we carry out, so you can rest assured you’ll never forget to book your car in for an MOT test. You can book your MOT up to 28 days in advance of your current MOT expiring, so why not book your MOT test now?

Your MOT check
By law, if your vehicle is three years old, or older, you must have an annual safety check. The Ministry of Transport test, or MOT test, will ensure that your vehicle meets the required level of safety.
During an MOT check, your vehicle will be inspected by a nominated MOT tester. This will involve a comprehensive set of checks of the vehicle. The interior, exterior, under the bonnet and under the vehicle are all thoroughly inspected at our MOT testing station.
If the vehicle passes these checks, a VT20 pass certificate is issued. In the event of the vehicle failing, a VT30 certificate is issued instead. We also provide you with a VT32 document: a list of items which may have passed, but are worthy of your attention or may require maintenance in the future.

What’s not checked?
At our MOT testing station, we will carry out a range of tests and inspections to make sure your car is legally safe and able to drive on the roads. With this in mind, it’s important to note that it is no guarantee of the general mechanical condition of your vehicle. An MOT check doesn’t look at the condition of the engine, clutch or gearbox. If you think you need these checked, then why not make an appointment today for a vehicle check?

What if your car fails?
If your car fails an MOT check, this means that is has not met the legal requirements to drive safely on the road. If this happens, we will call you and explain. We will let you know what points your vehicle has failed on, and what work needs to be done to rectify this.
We can also provide you with a quotation to carry out any repairs if you wish to do so. If you go ahead and have these repairs done with us, we will carry out an MOT retest without any extra charge. In many instances, we are able to carry out vehicle repairs on the same day, saving you another visit.

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