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Suspension and steering systems

Here at Astbury Garage we diagnose and repair all types of problems that may effect your vehicles steering and suspension.

Problems with your steering and suspension can drastically impare your vehicles road handling capabilities as well as the overall safety of your car.

All our parts are high quality and the work is performed by our highly skilled technicians - your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you have any concerns or doubts over the performance of your steering or suspension please call us on 01260 273 341.

If you hear an unexplained creaking or a knocking noise - this could mean that your vehicle is experiencing steering or suspension problems, it’s important to have this issue looked at by a professional as soon as possible to limit more costly repairs in the future and to not compromise your safety.

A steering system includes the steering wheel, rack, steering arms and rod ends - All these parts need to be in good condition to maintain efficient steering in both aspects of safety and performance.
Suspension controls the contact between your car tyres to the road and effects not only the cars handling performance but also safety.